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Entire profile from start to now.

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Entire profile from start to now. Empty Entire profile from start to now.

Post  Tiger Way Sun Mar 30, 2008 6:48 pm

If you go there and type in your name you can see what you've done (major events like joining/leaving alliances, conquering/destroying villages, and creating villages). It also tells you the dates of when you do all these. If you click "evolution" you can see your pop change in the past 15 days. And it shows your rank status; if you increased or decreased in rank. It's jsut a pretty cool tool to see your own and other people's backgrounds. So before we recruit someone, we can check out their history, activity, and growth. =D

And as a side note to PB, I think you should make Lo defensive leader since WF left. Or have her as War general and myself as recruiter of some sort.
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